Wednesday, 19 June 2019

School Run run and calamari DAY 010 #TightwadDad Vlog 135

I am a #TightwadDad and making my family happy with...

School Run run and calamari DAY 010 #TightwadDad Vlog

Dad, I'm on radio.
Okay well I'm recording.
It's on radio.
Is it day ten?
Yeah it's day 10 - do you think I should stop doing this?
Erm yeah cuz I think like you wanted to stop. And I think also that day 10 is a good place to stop.
So this is day 10 of the tightwad dad vlog - every day - I've been recording what we've been spending - trying to video what we've been spending
Trying to video what we've been spending!
I'll show you where the dead deer is.
We didn't show it last time.
Where's the dead deer?
It's somewhere up here.
You know what?
I actually think we should carry on going.
Do you? What to 11?
Awww they removed the dead deer!
Alright, well how about this - what if I edit these 10, and we'll keep shooting yeah?
They removed the dead deer!
Oh, no, isn't it further up? The dead deer?
Yeah you said there was a dead deer over there.
It's up the hill, I think.
Dad are we going to be late?
Yes. No. It's 8:40.
The bell rings--
We've got like 5 minutes.
Hiya thanks! How are you?
Fine - are you all done in Manchester?
That was a time-lapse.
I don't drive like that.
I am so addicted to frozen squid wings - frozen squid rings - thing is I've got to use the extractor fan.
The smell doesn't go down too well with the family.
I'm videoing this so that when we run out I'll be able to watch it back.
Joy 11.
Okay it's 6:15 and we have spent something
My long-suffering wife has treated herself to a much-deserved coffee with a friend
I think it's a chocktastic.
So that's a wifey coffee - a wifey chocky coffee and that it's a joy out of 11 obviously because she probably needs all the chocolate she can get, living with me.
Just starting to edit all of the last 10 videos and I've got days worth of footage to go through!
I don't think I'm going to do this.
If you can see this video now, I would be very surprised.
Talking of chocolate I'm just going to get this for my long-suffering wife.
I think I'm gonna ask her to do something horrible.
Ear drops.
It says on the box to do it three to four days and I've been doing this for about a month?
What does it feel like?
It's like having a big wet finger in your ear.
Ha a wetwillie!
It's fizzing.
OW! That really hurts!
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