Friday, 21 June 2019

Prawn Crackers, Dirt, Honey and Ketchup DAY 012 #TightwadDad Vlog 137

I am a #TightwadDad and making my family happy with...

Prawn Crackers, Dirt, Honey and Ketchup DAY 012 #TightwadDad Vlog

It's the new road - it's a - dirt
I've got to remember - the German supermarket...
Dirt... honey, ketchup... and prawn crackers.
Can you help me remember that?
Chinese crackers...
Prawn crackers.
So it's four o'clock and we managed to go through a whole day without spending anything
But now it's our daily trek to the local German chain supermarket,
Prawn crackers - I've forgotten - dirt -
honey and ketchup
prawn crackers
honey and... what's that?
That's the one - honey and ketchup
Don't let me forget.
I keep wanting to say honey and mustard
sweet and sour?
Where do fairies come from?
I've seen them they're here they're here
Can you reach them?
Top shelf - no next one along!
Prawn crackers!
and ketchup!
And nothing else!
Ahhh summer.
Punchbag swaying in the breeze.
Stinky paddling pool that's deflated halfway
The garage cluttered
With stuff.
The grass needs cutting.
Oh the grass needs cutting.
The sun's gone in.
It's cold.
So we did it
We only spent on one thing
I guess the goal of this vlog is to capture one day just one day where we don't spend on anything at all
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