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Pound Shop Joy 2 DAY 006 #TightwadDad Vlog 131

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Pound Shop Joy 2 | DAY 006 #TightwadDad Vlog

Hello this is day si-- is it recording??
Yeah this is day 6 of the Tightwad Dad vlog - I'm back! Did it!
And we've already started the spending
The spending!
Oh you've spent on... from the pound shop
One of these. Throw it on the window. Splat!
How much joy?
And did you buy anything else in there?
Erm yes I bought some bubble gum.
Can you get a shot of this
They also spotted this bag in the charity shop.
It's amazing. And that was 4 pounds.
Oh yeah, it's 4 pounds. We don't usually say the prices, but look - 4 quid for a Crumpler bag!
That's basically like 5 dollars.
In America.
5 dollars!
That'll be a thumbnail
Now I shouldn't really spend anymore should I?
Cause, we don't need stuff.
Yeah but we need to get something for my sister.
Oh yes get something for your sister
You want a drone don't you?
15 quid, but you know it will last about two minutes
That'll break.
Think of how many drones Casey Neistat has.
Okay so we went a bit nuts
so I got a squishy ball for stella
I've got an aerial cable because I'm fed off of our one falling apart
and you've got a hot wheels - this is so pointless - we got a Hot Wheels that holds a GoPro
I forgot my son!
oh right!
okay so the squeezy ball lasted about four hours I guess we're ruining the planet for four hours of fun
Joy 2
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