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Our Secret Hiding Place DAY 007 #TightwadDad Vlog 132

I am a #TightwadDad and making my family happy with...

Our Secret Hiding Place DAY 007 #TightwadDad Vlog

Okay this is it.
This is day 7 of the Tightwad Dad vlog experiment to record all of our spending -
Which is quite boring.
Which is very boring.
What I've tried making it more exciting with electronic music
But yeah it's really boring so that's why I'm stopping it I think
And cuz I hate having to film it
Can you stop at 10?
At ten? Well I was gonna stop at 7.
Alright we'll see if this is the last time that I record what we're spending
I think I've got a problem because I haven't actually recorded anything that we've spent that we can't see.
Like direct debits mobile phone gas electricity
Maybe I put some of those in today's video
I think we spend most of our money in the German chain supermarket and finally after a week away from it I get to visit it one last time for the vlog.
I won't take the camera in because it's too embarrassing
And if I film the outside of it - that's like advertising it
Yeah so like they might pay us
They might pay us?
Yeah let's like advertise L---
Oh we've given enough money to them - let's give them some airtime as well on our YouTube channel
Ah that pizza. They've just put two things together that are good.
Kebab and Pizza.
We just found a post box we've never ever used before.
We've never seen this - ok now we're really late we're supposed to be going to swimming, somewhere we've never been before
We're getting changed for the swimming thing.
Don't look!
But apart from that, joy?
I didn't do anything, what's that, Joy 10?
What's the maximum?
Minus one.
You give it minus one.
Because it really hurt - yeah you really scratched your back up.
I scraped my knee.
And you give it?
I'm giving it 8.
You give it 8, okay.
8 minus 1 is 7
Joy of 7
Kids! Time to go to bed!
Time to go to bed!
So that was it - day seven - day seven of erm the vlog, and that's all the spending for today I think I
I couldn't bring myself to check the stuff that's left our bank accounts by direct debit but just for hard cash spending it was over at the leisure centre, so that's a win
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Thanks for following along with this experiment
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