Monday, 10 June 2019

First day sharing spending on video #TightwadDad vlog 126

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First day sharing spending on video DAY 001 TIGHTWAD DAD VLOG

I'm working away from home at the moment and it's difficult
It's difficult to write down - just even remember what what we're spending
I think I'm gonna start recording it on video
Hello I'm Neil - I am the Tightwad Dad and I've been vlogging here for a while and I'm about ninety days into sharing publicly what we spend as a family everyday online
I think it's gonna be ten times harder and I think it's probably 10 times more pointless and so I'll just make lots of short weird videos just to catalogue how money leaves my family.
Okay I've already hit an instant problem I completely forgot to video a massive spend up in the mini supermarket.
I bought two ready meals in bulk - two for four pounds - and to try and get myself off spending on the coffees, I bought a jar of coffee and some milk so I'm hoping that'll save me a few quid - the joy there is 10.
The hardest thing is just remembering to get the camera out when I'm spending.
I completely forgot I bought a tram ticket this morning - the joy's ten
Alright, so I didn't video it but I did take a really bad photo of it instead
And then there was the works canteen, I had breakfast there - that was joy of ten
I took a video of that
So that was, that was the first day of trying to video everything I've spent - oh, there's just one more thing - I do need something sweet
So that was my first day of trying to video capture everything I've spent today
Man it's hard I dunno if I'm gonna do this tomorrow or even more than once a week if I don't do it every day - is there any point? I dunno.
Thanks for watching and you know what to do with the thumbs and that subscribe and everything
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