Tuesday, 11 June 2019

DAY 002 in Manchester and Salford #TightwadDad vlog 127

I am a #TightwadDad and making my family happy with...

DAY 002 in Manchester and Salford | TIGHTWAD DAD VLOG 006 Neil Mossey

okay so this is the second day - day two of me trying to record everything I'm spending.
Working away from home at the moment in Manchester and Salford.
And... I don't know I don't even know if I'm going to take this file off the camera let alone edit it and put it onto YouTube but yesterday went quite well with - with trying to record everything we spent.
I'm obviously away from the family at the moment so that gives me a chance to to try this out
It's a weird day because right now there's a brilliant plumber in our house earning thousands of pounds yeah and I'm here trying to save money but it's a good experiment I think
I think it's worth doing.
So what I've got to do this morning I've got to get myself into work
I'm getting weird looks cuz I've got my big camera out
It is a bit weird, me talking to myself
I think that's the biggest hurdle with me trying to record what we're spending
I might shoot the rest of this on the phone
So the first thing I'm gonna spend on is the tram into work - I can't really avoid that
It's quite difficult to buy the ticket and hold the camera at the same time so here goes
Okay, so the next unavoidable thing I've got to spend on is some breakfast
I'm going to do that my works canteen
Alright, spent twice as much on buying breakfast than I'd hoped
It's lunchtime now so I could fast or accept the fact that it's Burger day
I've got a dilemma so I either go for the vegan burger or the proper one
Luckily it was chicken and then that's it that's that is all that I spent today
Something for pudding tonight
So that's it that was my second day of recording everything that I spent
Should I do this for a third day?
Guess we'll see tomorrow in the next video
If if you got to this point in the video thanks for watching
okay I don't know how long this experiment is gonna last but if you have reached this point you can send me a signal that somebody reached this point by clicking on the thumbs up button
That'll be really nice
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I'm on about 430 at the moment
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You don't have to watch anything of mine ever again but it helps me to get closer to that 1,000
yeah let's see if we would do this again thanks for watching
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