Thursday, 13 June 2019

Apples or Doughnuts? DAY 004 #TightwadDad VLOG129

I am a #TightwadDad and making my family happy with...

Apples or Doughnuts? DAY 004 | #TightwadDad VLOG

There's a shoe.
Someone had a good night
Hello I'm Neil thanks for clicking on this video
It's the tightwad dad vlog
I don't think I've said that for the last three videos
It's day four of my experiment to record everything I'm spending on video for a week and I have got through the halfway mark
So yeah, I hardly spent anything yesterday - meanwhile at home we're spending thousands on a brand new boiler
Here's a shot of it now that I'll probably put in later
I think I'm gonna go over there and buy some apples because I'm not buying any vegetables at the moment.
I'm looking at the doughnuts, but actually I wanna be over here.
So that's lunch and dinner sorted for today plus some chewing gum to stay minty fresh.
I'm not wearing the sunglasses today because - you know - it looks stupid and it's raining, so it means my eyeline is all over the place
anyway it's another journey into work on the tram and let's see what the day holds
Finally some proper Manchester rain - oh we can get some breakfast now in the works canteen.
Oh okay so we paid the plumber
That's pilates, plumber and swimming lesson okay
I'm coming up to a supermarket now
I don't know if I'm going to go in and get pudding
This is my last night in Manchester - ooh I feel I'm getting louder now I'm doing these now that I'm at the end of the fourth vlog
It's my last night in Manchester so I've got some chocolates for my landlady because the rooms really nice and a little something for myself
This will be my last family size chocolate bar - I promise, and I feel it feels like this another quick video that's a good sign because I've spent not quite as much as usual I think that's it
I think the spending is now at an end, which means that this video comes to an end
I have no idea how long this video will last - it'll be interesting to watch it back
But I also don't think that anyone's reached this point of the video so if you have why not hit the thumbs up - let me know that you reached this point of the video
I'm also trying to get a thousand subscribers at the moment and you don't have to watch anything I make ever again - but if you subscribe it'll get me closer to a thousand subscribers when YouTube start paying your money - that would be really helpful thanks
The shoe's still there.
Can you please help my daddy get 1000 subscribers, just click on his face thanks bye!

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