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All the trams just stopped DAY 005 #TightwadDad Vlog 130

I am a #TightwadDad and making my family happy with...

All the trams just stopped | DAY 005 #TightwadDad Vlog

Hello I'm Neil, thanks for clicking on this
It's the Tightwad Dad vlog... cue titles!
Yeah it's a bit -- this is probably the worst weather day today - and it's the last day when I stay in Manchester - and this is day five of me sharing what I'm spending online on video every day for a week
So day five of something that I didn't think would last longer than one day
I've got to get myself home after a day at work
So first I've got to get into work
I think what I'm gonna do first is maybe get a little present to take into the office.
Now if I cared about my-- the people that I've been working with - I'd probably get them something healthy like some fruit... but I know what it's gonna be
That's the gift sorted
Next I've got to spend on the tram and my final breakfast
Final tram ticket
On to the airport I'm going in into work, as well.
I've got a bit of an issue
I've got to get to the airport and all trams have been suspended
I'm not sure I'm gonna make it - so the next tram's in 20 minutes
Had to get an uber which has blown my spending out of the water because of the suspect package the fares are a little higher than usual
always use your local taxi cabs
But I'm gonna uber it now... I'm sure it'll be fine
Fine, as in "cutting it fine"
Oh man.. I never leave enough time.
The car is just coming up now I don't know if it's right to film - film them - so I'll just I'll just show shots of me - my feet getting in, oh here we go!
Did it I made it
I'm at the airport
I believe it went on at the gate at the right time
That's the way to do it isn't it
You can solve any problem by throwing money at it
So now gonna go through security - we're gonna turn you off let's see if I'll make it through to the other side
Now I think I've made it.
Nearly home
Manchester shook me down.
Held me upside-down and jiggled me around and survived
Time to get home.
I could use this time to find out how much the family has spent
Now last time I was here I found the perfect toilets.
They are by gates or gate 50
It wasn't 50 it was 49 to 44
it was quiet last time I was here
today is full of hen and stage do's.
Thanks men!
It's delayed by half an hour so I could probably got the tram.
But I ran so quickly I didn't pick up any food
This hour could get a little dangerous for spending money
Got a meal deal!
That will see me through to half an hour... of the hour.
So this is it - finally making it home!
Right that's it - day 5
A bit longer than I thought it would, with a lot more spending than I thought we'd have
Let's see if I can take this to day six
If you made it this point in the video thanks, why not let me know by giving me a little thumbs up
or subscribing and maybe I'll see you on the next video
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