Saturday, 11 May 2019

Mega spending day with pics #TightwadDad 096

Got the idea for taking pictures of everything we're spending on.
This was a mega spending day.

I am a #TightwadDad and making my family happy with...

- Online Airline Site: Flight bookings x2
"I could have done better, booked earlier, had more money saved..."

- High St Chemist: Birthday present
JOY 10

- High St Book Shop: Birthday present
JOY 10

- High St Pound Shop: Phone charger cables x2
"This is a life changer."
JOY 10

- High St Health Food Store: Vitamin B
JOY 10

- High St. Expensive Food Shop: Flowers
"I'll keep the label on. It'll look good."
JOY 10

- Big Chain Supermarket: Milk, plus pointless overcompensating gifts for the kids for being good."
JOY 10

- Big Chain Clothing Outlet: Shirt.
"I never buy shirts."
JOY 10

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