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ANCESTRY DNA - where am I from? #TightwadDad Podcast 099

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Hi welcome back to the Happy Hut, this is our Tightwad Dad podcast.
I'm Neil.
And I’m Joe.
You got this for your birthday, didn’t you.
I did! I got this from my sister - I got a DNA testing kit from Ancestry DNA
A DNA testing kit from my sister.
Do you know what DNA is?
So people, scientists, know how you're related
Something like that.

Anyway thanks sister - it's a brilliant present
So this is what you get inside the ancestry DNA box
Where they collect the DNA
This is the box to send it
It's like a syringe that you put your human saliva sample
And what else do you get?
A box to put it in the mail. Nothing else.
Hey it's quite a nice box that it comes in.

Shall we go through the instructions?
This is everything you've got to do
Dad’s gonna spit into it, do all the gross stuff.
I think that's quite a lot I've got to gob into
Are you allowed to drink water?
I don't think you are. You’re not supposed to drink but I've been eating love hearts all afternoon
That was like an hour ago, Dad.

You see what it says? “Spit to here”
A wavy line.
That's the wavy line
That's gonna be embarrassing
Excuse me
I'll give you some privacy
Ugh. Blur it out.
[Laugh] I want to see when it’s over.
Bubbles don't count
Do you want me to blur it out
yeah blur it out.
More. You’ve got millions of bubbles. You’ve just got a little bit more - wait -
This says “don't overfill”
Just a tiny bit more.
So I’m up to here with the bubbles - I think I've got more bubbles cuz I've been eating Love Hearts all afternoon.
I think that's enough.

Hey maybe they'll detect the love hearts in my DNA
Okay well I say it's pretty exact - I've managed to get my spit after the wavy line.
Wait, let me see?
Oh I feel a bit ill after that - right - it's warm as well.
Tightly release stabilizing - the stabilizing fluid
It's called stabilizing fluid

Oh there you go look you’ve got to really twist it hard there you go
Right it’s all gone in.
No really hard like - one two three four okay you're done you're done
Place the tube in the collection bag
So what do we do with the DNA now?
I think you can obviously see you put it in there
Oh, we haven’t got the activation number!
Oh! [LAUGH] Ooopsie.
And if like us you put the tube in the box before you've got your activation code they've kindly put it on packet as well, that’s good

So here we are! Just post it?
Let’s do it!
[LAUGH] Messed up.
That was like, a long time ago.

You’re about to discover your ethnicity estimate, and maybe even connect your long-lost relatives
I don’t want to do that.

Okay 77%
Dad you’re 77% Great Britain and Euro- Northwestern European

You’re 12% Ireland and Scotland
Right, now right, this is a problem because I don't know if the family comes from Scotland or Ireland because I always thought it was Scotland but someone told me last year at a funeral that we're all from Ireland and that the name Mossey comes from the word Morrissey.
Spelt badly.

10% Swedish.
10% Swedish!
So... Abba?
That would explain the ABBA!

You’re 1% Ivory Coast/Ghana.
I’m 1% Ghanaian!
And we have a relative school in Ghana.
Is it called a relative school
Yes we've got a school that we talk to
Your school is twinned with a school in Ghana
...and I'm one percent... Ghanaian
I don’t think I’m Ivory Coast.

Who’s the guy, the Ghanaian guy?
The Ghanaian guy?
The guy from Ghana.
The guy from Ghana?

How'd you feel about being 10 percent Swedish?
I don't like ABBA.
Hop this is helpful, if you had a DNA test
I'll see you in the next video don't forget to leave a thumbs up or like - smash that like button - very well I appreciate that because my dad's trying to get to a thousand
And we'll see you on the next #TightwadDad podcast thanks.
It's raining... can you feel it's raining.
Let’s go!
The Ghanaian DNA is not good with cold weather.
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