Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Playing Bumpy Sax with my kids before school #TightwadDad 058

I started playing basketball with the kids on the hoop by the path outside the school.

It’s a basketball post put up to commemorate the Year 2000.

And on the post in big letters - with a phone number - it says “B*M S*X”.

Maybe the B*M S*X is also some kind of Millennium project.
To make the country more active.

Except it’s not.
That would be ludicrous.
It’s in marker pen.

Maybe it’s the exercise... but a brilliant idea pops into my head.
I’ve got a marker pen in my pocket, to put my son’s name on the ball.
“Why don’t I change it?”

But I launched into it without thinking it through.
Firstly I was so worried about checking the coast so that no-one would see me graffiti’ing the post, I completely forgot my kids were watching me.

“Dad? Why are you writing on the B*M S*X?”
“Well, it’s not a very nice thing to have on the post... so I’m going to make it nicer.”

“Dad. Why have you written BUMPY S*X?
“I haven’t finished yet!”

I didn’t have an exit strategy.
For the B*M S*X.

And did a really lame A, to make it into BUMPY SAX.
The kids giggled.
Job done.

I told my Long-Suffering Wife about it later, because I hoped no-one else saw me.

“Oh that’s great! That’s been there for years!
Why didn’t someone do that sooner?”

I know exactly why.

Nobody wants to get caught doodling BUMPY SAX on the only post in front of the school.

I am a #TightwadDad and making my family happy with...

- Coffee Shop Chain Shop: Decaf coconut latte.
“Even while an elderly lady is retching (or is it wretching) so loudly for 20 minutes, the whole top floor can hear and pretend they can’t hear her.”

- Big Supermarket Chain Top-Up: Incl. strawberries.
“Who doesn’t feel joy at some strawberries?”

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