Monday, 11 March 2019

Scores of joy for everything we spend. #TightwadDad 035

I’m writing this in delay, and the first ‘share’ goes up publicly online tomorrow.

Trying to explain this timeline hurts my brain.

I’m nervous, but we’re well over the month of cataloguing what we’re spending.

Except now, we’re giving a score of happiness on each spend.

It’s been a while creeping it in now, since I made that video recording everything I spent on a working day in London.

But this is the first day of measuring the joy of each one properly.

And it’s good.
It feels more useful.

It feels better logging the joy, instead of the cash spent.
What’s wrong with me?

I’m getting more mindful about the mindless spending

Tomorrow though. That’s a very special day...

I am a #TightwadDad and finding happiness for my family with...

- Life insurance.
“Still haven’t checked what ghastly events this covers.”

- Birthday present for a friend.
"I liked the product. But it wasn't for me."

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