Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Why sharing what we’re spending for a month is a terrible terrible idea #TightwadDad 008

12 Reasons sharing what we are spending for a month is a terrible terrible idea.

1 It might come out wrong.

2 I will be judged.

3 My family will be judged.

4 I might share some details that I can't take back if I wanted to.

5 It will invite criticism. Of my writing, my ideas and the very way I live my life.

6 I might not have much to say about it.

7 If I keep doing this, I might see that it's all rubbish.

8 My family might be attacked because of what I'm publishing.

9 None of this might happen and it'll just come off as pretentious self-regarding navel-gazing nonsense.

10 I'm scared now I've started this, I might suddenly stop.

11 It might not go anywhere.

12 While I'm doing this, I'm not doing the thing that might lead to the thing where I earn more money for my family.


1 I'm spending time looking at what we're spending, however it comes out.

2 I will be judged by people who aren't sharing what they are spending.

3 My family will be judged by people who aren't sharing what they are spending.

4 It's just an experiment, and I could lie if I wanted to.

5 I will be criticised by people who are busy calling out and finger pointing like they've done nothing wrong in their life.

6 I will explore what I'm trying to change.

7 If I keep doing this, I will get better.

8 My family and I will learn about what makes us happy.

9 This is pretentious self-regarding navel-gazing nonsense, that's what I like about it.

10 I've got to keep going till the end of the month.

11 I want to figure out how to change our attitudes to spending, to make us happy.

12 This might lead to new ideas for my family earning what we need.

I am a Tightwad Dad, and this day my family enjoyed spending on:

- £1.80 Hospital car parking fee.
(My Dad told me he saw on the news that 20% goes to the hospital).
- £41.79 Medium supermarket shop.
(Popped in to buy our daughter a new coat, and ended up with a swimming costume, reduced xmas things for next year and some doughnuts)


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