Monday, 18 February 2019

They don’t want you as CEO of your family. #teamTIGHTWAD 014

I told a friend yesterday about the #TightwadDad project and in three seconds flat she spotted my problem.

FRIEND: But you’re trying to not be a Tightwad Dad.
ME: Yeah.
FRIEND: So why are you calling it Tightwad Dad?

ME: I think I like the title. It’s provocative.
And it’s how I feel when I think we should be spending our money more mindfully.

FRIEND: So shouldn’t it be something like #MindfulSpending?

ME: Oh. I like that too. But I’m not a mindful spender.
I think, I think I might be a Tightwad Dad.

FRIEND: So it’s about teaching your kids to save money?

ME: Yes. No, I mean that would be nice.
But that’s not why I’m doing this.

There’s a culture that means it’s normal to not be with your family to earn the money that we all go and spend so that you’ve got to go away from them again to carry on being able to do that.
What’s the point?
And it’s not about Dads either.
We’re all involved in this.
You know it’s like I’m the CEO of our family...


FRIEND: You’re not the CEO.

ME: Yeah, I am.
But my Long-Suffering Wife is Chairman of the Board.
And we’re running at a loss.
I want it to start a campaign.
I’d call it Families Against Money.

FRIEND: And what is the mission?
What change are you trying to make?

ME: I want to make it okay for anyone to be a Tightwad Dad.

FRIEND: (TRYING TO HELP) So it’s one man’s fight to single-handedly resist the pressures of the Western Industrial Consumerist complex.

ME: I want to help families enjoy the world that’s ripping us off by embracing our inner Tightwad Dad.

We are #teamTIGHTWAD, and this day we found joy spending on...

- One ream of office paper.
- Organic semi-skimmed milk.
(I'm fed up of glossing over these constant top ups as "Supermarket").
- Coffee and a Fat Coke in our local independent coffee shop with my son.
(We never spend this much time together usually).
- Mobile phone bill.
- Broadband bill.

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