Monday, 25 February 2019

My energy company sent me a gas bill for £1000. #teamTIGHTWAD 021

My energy company sent me a gas bill for £1000.
On a gas meter serial number that didn’t exist.
And the bill was estimated.

But they sent Debt Recovery after me anyway.
The really stupid thing was when I reacted to it like it is people.

It’s hard not to when you’re getting threatening letters demanding payment for the gas not used through a meter that’s not there.

The actual poor call centre people who read their scripts very sympathetically said that they will “escalate it to a complaint.”

I didn’t want to escalate it to a complaint.
I had no complaint.
The serial numbered meter I was being billed on wasn’t there, and the gas hadn’t been used.

They said it had to be escalated to a complaint so they could deal with it.
Then I started getting calls from Debt Recovery, which made my brain snap.

I said “Why are you recovering a debt on an estimated bill?”
“That is irrelevant, Mr. Mossey” Poor ‘Sam’ at Debt Recovery replied.
“It still needs to be paid for.”
My brain then broke.
So I couldn’t snap it again.

I called the Complaint Handler on my Long-Suffering Wife’s phone on speaker, and held the two phones together so the Energy Company’s Debt Recovery worker could talk to the Energy Company’s complaint handler.

I should have left it there.
But I didn’t.

I asked each of them why are we living like this?
Why are we doing this to each other?
I literally cannot pay this bill.
I literally cannot pay for gas that was estimated on a meter that doesn’t exist.

I hoped it would get Debt Recovery ‘Sam’ to be a little kinder on her next call.
To someone with an actual meter and actual gas they can’t pay for.
Keeping their kids warm.
Or, judging by my estimated bill, smelting steel girders into bars.

She’s not the problem.
And this is how I found a key to how we can change this.

If we take the time to be kinder to each other, during those nonsense transactions: and really take up as much of their time as possible, it wrecks the company’s ability to bully us like this.

#teamTIGHTWAD tip:
They want our money and data, let’s give them our feelings too.

So when my energy company behaved oafishly in its financial favour again, I think I was ready for them...

We are #teamTIGHTWAD, and this day we found joy spending on...

- Supermarket shop: fish fingers, frozen mince, milk, cheese, yoghurt, chocolate mousse, frozen salmon, half-price bin bags, half-price washing tablets, frozen broccoli, bread, half-price cereal, butter, cheese for daughter’s cookery class.
See how I call out the half-price items.
I know that you’re judging me.
That’s okay.
- Postage.
- Village shop milk, cheese and butter because we left it at home for daughter’s cookery class.
- Birthday present.
- Gas & Electricity direct debit.
- Mobile phone bill.

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