Friday, 20 April 2018

What if my top 5 Near Death Experiences make a good list? #4 CANAL BOAT CRUSH #WeAreTheProblem

I overthink everything to make the world a happier place

What if my top 5 Near Death Experiences make a good list?

5. Racing Sammy up the council estate slide.
4. Canal boat crush.
3. Bedroom light switch.
2. Lake Tahoe police shootout.
1. Boris Bike crash.


I was 14 and on a canal boat with my family.
It was a sunny day and I was bored.
I was always bored.

This time I was at the front of the long narrowboat and bored.

I was so bored, I put my head back on the roof of the canal boat to look at an approaching iron footbridge from a different angle.

That's the best I came up with.
Even with all the time I had on my hands.

But we were going at 3mph, so this was taking way too long and I sat down on the front bench instead.
Because I was bored.

I looked up and watched the bridge clear the roof by about 3 inches.

I stopped being bored.

What did I learn?

Canal boat life is not for me.
Canal boat death isn't either.
Boredom is good.
3mph is breakneck.

Tomorrow's near death experience, bedroom light switch.

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