Thursday, 11 January 2018

Companies want our data. Lets give them our feelings too - and other #DadDirt 190-196

Things in my head this week.

Monday 8 January
What if “We absolutely need to leave at 7pm” actually means goodbyes at 7.35pm and wheels absolutely at gone 8.50pm.

Tuesday 9 January
What if Newspapers were to slowly attack every man, woman and child in the country, then wonder why their sales are going down.

Wednesday 10 January
What if it doesn’t matter what build or body language.
Any man holding a biscuit tin looks hopeless.

Thursday 11 January
Companies want all our data.
What if we give them our feelings too.
Because they don’t know how to make money from that.

Friday 12 January
What if all social media is cigarettes.
And my feed is just menthol.

Saturday 13 January
What if my 8 year old son declares himself bankrupt.
Can he start again?

Sunday 14 January
What if you know what you must do now.

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