Wednesday, 1 November 2017

What if I dont need yet another clock? Will I still worry about the spending at 2am? #DadDirt

A DAD is glued to a heap of gadgets in the supermarket baskets of “While Stocks Last”.

(in his head)
There’s only 3 green ones left.
And it’s only Monday.

They must be popular.
I can’t leave them have a think and come back.
They’ll be gone.

My bedside clock is sort of annoying me.
It’s alright.
But it’s not excelling at its job.
It is not sparking joy.
So this isn’t about avoiding more clutter.

This is the thing that I check at 2 in the morning and it doesn’t spark joy.
This - this might make me happy.
In its cheery green.

Let’s trade it off against the cost of 5 quid.
So it won’t bankrupt me.

But I don’t really need it.
But it’s better than what I’ve got.

But isn’t the work that I have to do to earn the 5 quid the reason that I’m awake at 2am to check it?

No, I am taking a stand. Right here, right now.
I am not going to buy this.
This is one whole five pounds that I don’t need to earn.

I can do this.
It’s a small stand, but it might mean that I treat my time with more value.
And my value with more time.

Oooh crabsticks!
Two for one.

He crosses out on autopilot.

I’ll get four.

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