Sunday, 5 November 2017

How to tell my kids why are boobs and willies still measured in inches? #DadDirt 169-175

Things in my head this week:

Monday 6 November
I can’t tell my kids why boobs and willies are measured in inches.
I guess it’s weird to compare them to feet.

Tuesday 7 November
Spending time with my family costs me money.
That's why they call it "spending" time.

Wednesday 8 November
My bank sends me emails at 4 in the morning.
Because it really needs the money.
Or the attention.

Thursday 9 November
My son hates plastic medals.
“It’s like you’ve won nothing at all.”
How can I tell him... he’s right.

Friday 10 November
I am still harping on about it.
But the harp is a really nice instrument.
Who wouldn’t want to hear more of that?

Saturday 11 November
If a newspaper asks if it can use a photo you’ve taken, it’s probably a sign it’s the kind of photo you shouldn’t be sharing in the first place.

Sunday 12 November
Not caring what people think is wasted on the Old.

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