Sunday, 19 November 2017

How to deal with sales cold calls. Reply to Every. Single. One. #DadDirt

DAD’S phone stops ringing. He’s glum.

I’d better reply to all these.
Every single one.

MONTAGE: DAD bashing furiously into his phone in various situations, in various rooms of the house. MUSIC.

I’m sorry I didn’t pickup your sales call just now.
I was beating my 6 year old son.
On a really tricky loom band design.

I’m sorry I missed your sales cold call.
I was making a tea for my wife with the chipped mug, and gave her decaf without telling.

Sorry... missed your sales call.
Transfixed by a pair of pigeons outside who are clearly gay and in love.

...Was sniffing coconut milk in the fridge with no idea how you tell if it’s off.
Do you know?

I was gazing in hushed awe at your Chief Exective and lost an entire day.

I didn’t get to your sales call in time.
We were swimming with dolphins.
Not really.
Eating some toast.

I was hyp-MO-TIZE by the light in the microwave.
Feel too prone for your marketing tactics.

I picked up a Weetabix thinking it was the phone.
Lesson learned.

Sorry I missed your sales call.
I was making sweet love with my angry wife.

“Some lightning hit me on the bum.
Then it fell off.”
(This might have been written by the kids).

DAD high-fives his KIDS.

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