Friday, 17 November 2017

Government wants my kids in school, but it won't feed them. #DadDirt

Things in my head next week.

Monday 20 November
Government wants my kids in school, or a £1000 fine.
But it won’t feed them.

Tuesday 21 November
God help me. Why do I find crutches and plaster casts so damn hot.

Wednesday 22 November
This is how sexist I am.
I can’t name any billionaire women.

Thursday 23 November
Soft play centre: Heard a Mum call for her son, Lucan.
I think it was Mum and not the Nanny.

Friday 24 November
My struggle as a Dad is to have the kids be consumed rather than consuming.

Saturday 25 November
The only thing that damages my wedding ring is DIY.
I try not to think of it as a metaphor.

Sunday 26 November
Realising that tutting at parents for staring at their phones is time I could have spent with my kids.

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