Thursday, 26 October 2017

Why do Dads want silver-plated nickel effect light switches and sockets? #DadDirt

You know that you are a Great British Dad when...
... you realise you will never ever finish the place where you live.

Fitting silver-plated nickel effect light switches and sockets.
I've done some careful research around and this is every straight white Dad's ambition.

It doesn't matter what demographic or income bracket.

None of them wants white plastic light switches and sockets.

And the same thing happens to all of them, which is if you're lucky enough to get 2 or 3 switches in... it is then at that very point that the cost of them hits you.

And then you lose the urge to keep on changing them.

That one under the table... or behind the cupboard.

I start putting big plants in front of them so I don't have to change them.

It's my final interior design stamp on the home.

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