Wednesday, 18 October 2017

In the offices after hours... who goes gathering with extra powers... #DadDirt

Shadows of men in the darkened office floor with torches.

O.C.O. 1
Got to be quick on this one.

O.C.O. 2
We've got a lot to get through.

O.C.O. 1 shines a torch in his face.

O.C.O. 1
This is a normal shift.

He turns the torch off.

O.C.O. 1 (CONT'D)
Try and find the sweet spot.

All the office lights flicker on:
O.C.O. 2 is in janitor's overalls and an elaborate stretched out pose to trigger the lights.

O.C.O. 2
Got it.

O.C.O. 1
Keep up.

O.C.O. 1 (also in janitor's overalls) sweeps the top of a cluttered desk straight into a bin bag.

O.C.O. 2
So we're like the people who get the restaurant tables ready.
Not the waiters--

O.C.O. 1
--Or the cleaners. Or the furniture movers. We are the "Office Clearer-Outers".
But what we do is so unspeakable, we have no job title.

O.C.O. 2
I'll get the drawers.

He dumps all the filth from the stuffed desk into bin bags.

O.C.O. 1
Everyone loves it when they start at a nice clean empty desk.
They don't think for a second about the actrocities that took place here.

O.C.O. 1 opens a folder from a shelf of indexed folders.

O.C.O. 1
You think you're creating all this useful "product" at your "workstation".
Meeting notes, strategy reports, action plans, it's all sooooo important.
Until you go.

The folder goes in the bin bag.

O.C.O. 2
And then we come. After hours.

All the folders go in the bin bag.

O.C.O. 1
No-one wants to see this. When I was a kid, in hospital, appendix, one day they closed all the blinds, all the doors. And the nurses and helpers are all there distracting us... but we knew.
That bed bay was all clean and ready for the next one when the doors opened again.
That's this.

The workstation is completely stripped bare and pristine.

O.C.O. 2
Aww look. All "ready for the next one".

O.C.O. 1 crosses out with their stuffed bag-laden trolley.

O.C.O. 1
Come on. We've got six more. You're doing good.

O.C.O. 2
What happened to the last guy who did my job?

He crosses out to catch up.

O.C.O. 2

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