Sunday, 2 July 2017

Why I love Tig Notaro talking to Taylor Dayne. And being snubbed. Repeatedly.

This is Tig Notaro.
Bear with me.
I stumbled onto this by the Good One Podcast
(because they did an article on my favourite SNL sketches, Wells For Boys and The Sink)

But this is the Tig Notaro story about Taylor Dayne.
I heard it sound only and it’s a brilliant story about summoning up the courage to tell someone how much you love their work, and then being snubbed.

This is the podcast where I stumbled onto it

She talks about how that routine was a breakthrough for her on many levels, and you can see it in sets like this.

them little titties

And now, I want to know more about her work, and read about how at a very big gig she thought it would be a good idea to reveal her double mastectomy to the audience.
Not just a flash, but to then leave her shirt open for the rest of the set.

Why I love it?
Why does she make me think...
“Be more Tig."

It's helped her to be curious and see what happens.
We will not die.
Even if we fail, we'll still be the hero of our story.
In fact, we'll be an even bigger hero if we're flat on our face.

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