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Stealing another story from my 6 year old daughter #DadDirt

You know that you are a Great British Dad when... steal yet another story from your 6 year old daughter.

The Magical flower tree and the lost letter

Once upon a time there was a girl and a boy born. And the Baby girl was playing with the pink ball in the garden near the pond. And the boy was reading books in the house. They had there mum who was a Queen and a dad who was actually a evil King. But one rainy day the evil King had a poiseness apple to kill the Queen.

So he went to get the poiseness apple and he realy did kill the Queen. The girl and the boy where very sad. So what they did was going to anuther place. When they got to a place where nobody never came to.

Finally we are at our number one best friend said the girl. The boy and the girls friend was lalee. She was a girl she knows about everything. Hey are you gona knock on that door or what. Fine fine I will then and remember if all of are friends say no you will be killed forever.

Yes I remember said the girl. Haaaaha ok said the boy breathing to try to be brave enough to knock on the door. Knock Knock Knock then lalee opened the door then she said hello guys what do you want me to do for you. We want you to help us pretend we are dwarfs but we need the wrest of are friends so can you help us, said the girl. Saw why not. Alright then lets go.

It was a little house.
It looked like a dolls house even though it was actualy a dolls house but they didn’t nogh six dolls lived there. That’s why they peeped through the door. It was realy dusty and dirty when they came insid.

Wow this is a mess, said the girl. it is said a voice.
Who said that, said the boy.
It was me. And out peeped a little girl doll. And then anuthor girl came out.
And then two boys came out at the sametime. And then a girl and a boy came out at the sametime too. Who are you said a girl doll pointing at the girl. I’m a little girl said the girl. Who are you said a boy doll. I’m a little boy too, said the boy.

Oo you want to stay here, said a boy doll. Yes please said the girl. The boy was to shy to say anuthor word. Then a friendlly little boy doll said don’t be shy. We are only nice to little children said a girl doll.

In the night they sleeped and sleeped until they heard a sound. It was coming from outside. They looked through the window and they saw a tree that used to be a apple tree but now it is a flower tree. It was a beatifule tree but it was a magical tree.

there was a letter in the tree that looked like a old letter but it was actualy a old letter. They went outside to see what the letter said. So they see did when they got to the magicale tree they found the letter and opened it. It looks like its a old letter. It is, said the boy. It sayed there for a hundred years ago, said the girl.

how do you know. because mum told me. She always tells storys to us remember. Oh yeh. That was on christmas. Yeah. Lets see what it saids in the letter. Dear dolls. We have put you in a copetitoin because we have only five dolls doing the copetoin so can you come?
Love from you school teacher.
[illegible] /accense, said the girl.

They made lots and lots of masks. We’re done, said the girl.
No we’re not because there’s a problem. And what is that. We need help because there’s to people and thats us need help. But who. hmmmm said the boy pointing one finger to his chin I know when she had an idea how about are friends and there’s four of are friends so that means we could go to each of their house so are problem is over now.

Wait wait wait but what if they don’t want to said the boy. oh yeah we could find are cosens mabe. Alright then but if all of them don’t want to you will be killed forever promise said the boy. promise. right then come we’ve got to get out of here.
Come on follow me said the girl. Alright and don’t forgot I’m always the leader. hmmm

We should go to that competitoin.
But theres only alowed dolls not humans, said the girl. what should we do eventhough theres allowed dolls. I think I have an idea said the boy puing one hand up and one finger pointing out. What is it because I want to know. OK ok I will tell you but don’t tell anyone this. I promise I will not, said the girl shaking her head up and down three times. ok this is the plan

So, first we make six masks then we go to the place where the competition said the boy. Wait wait wait we’r gona go to the place where the competition is. Yep. But we don’t know where it is, said the girl. oh yeah said the boy looking on a map. Whats that said the girl. I call it a map.
But what do you need it for. To show us the way to the number one competition. Wait a minute whats that pointing at a sparkerling thing on the map. I think it is the number one competition, siad the girl. It is said the boy.

So the first thing in the morning we make masks then we go to the number one competition. ummm you are wrong because its oready the morning. oh yeah so we better make masks. come on what are you waiting for.

When they had not gone far when the found there other best friend. Now its your turn to knock on the door said the boy pertending to knock on the door for the acshoin.


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