Monday, 3 July 2017

My train company refund form and a dance along the cosmos #DadDirt

You know that you are a Great British Dad when... avoid sinking down to their level of Terms And Conditions.

Hello. Here we are again.
I’m looking for the beauty in this moment.
Events conspire to bring you and me together in a once in a lifetime opportunity.

We’re driven by money for such stupid pointless things - we’re the only animals on Planet Earth that know we are going to die... yet we’re also the only animals that fill in train company compensation refund forms.

So I’m going to make the most of your time and my time.
(And the time I was delayed because of another track failure in the same area for about 2 months now.)
But you too hand your time over to this company.

We are kindred souls - trying to find meaning when those to whom we surrender our time only care about the money.

Here’s a chance for you to spread the love and acknowledge the delay with kindness. And money.
Alright, not actual money, but a Rail Travel Voucher.

It means the Universe bonds us in its dance and you - only you - are in the position to propagate Joy and Delight.

Little did I know when I sat on that Rail Replacement Bus, at 1140 for a train cancelled at 1118, it was so that we can have this moment.

Let’s dance together.
You and me.
With only cosmic love and maybe a Voucher between us.

I’m genuinely happy when I heard your employer receives compensation from Network Rail for delays oer 5 minutes, but your employer only compensates us after 60 minutes.

Because it reminds me that it’s only money.
You have the destiny right now to gift your skills and experience to something bigger and more meaningful than that.

Your employer can’t have what you and I have right now.
A real connection, in time and space.
And maybe if The Source is smiling upon us, perhaps a Rail Travel Voucher too.

Either way, we appreciate your wink, your nod, your hug, that you also feel our pain.
Both of our pain from putting money ahead of our happiness right now.

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