Tuesday, 4 July 2017

My latest dream involving famous people in a derelict town #DadDirt

You know that you are a Great British Dad when...
You're still trying to be open with your Wife.

I'm in bed with the kids elbowing my privates while I'm trying to share with my Long-Suffering Wife.

"My dreams are either set in the 1970's or this derelict town I keep thinking about.
It was derelict town last night.

It was really long but the only bit I can remember is that I'm in black tie trying to get to an event. I hate calling them tuxedos.
It's not the same is it?
Black Tie?

Anyway I'm going there on a bike, and the bike's not mine, or the suit, and Rob's there and he's on a bike too and we've stopped trying to work out the directions and Rob leans forward and breaks his bike seat.

And the seat is full of this flourescent yellow gel, and it spatters all down the side of my black suit.
It's flourescent yellow and I can't get it off.

I think Bryan Cranston is helping me get these bits of glowing goo off my leg but really I think he's telling me off.

Rob was really sorry but he rode off.
Thinking about it now, he didn't have any bike seat.
So I don’t know how did that without being in extreme pain."

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