Saturday, 8 July 2017

LIVE LIKE A 6 YEAR OLD - mindfulness and relaxation from a six year old #DadDirt

You know that you are a Great British Dad when...'re still trying to make something from the kids.

My experimental mindfulness course, LIVE LIKE A 6 YEAR OLD.
Because who wouldn't want to be happy like a 6 year old, right?

LIVE LIKE A 6 YEAR OLD mindfulness and meditation tape

"To breathe in your thinking skills.
And think about you really hard.
Think what's inside.
And frutalitating you.

And poo and wee mixing up together.
And whole life it.

You think about the whole breath you're having in, of the hiccups, and the food that you ate all day long.
The whole time.

And think about how your brain works.
Of thinking who you actually are.
By thinking you a think.

And you being the relaxing one of all.
Until you think of your foot kneeling down for real pretending and thinking you’re asleep in a jungle, a real place.

And making sure you are really delicate of yourself, and your family’s precious to you and the special thing of thinking of friendship.

Till your life would be down in the dumps, and then now you have your real life.

Sometimes you can get a real relaxment thing like you really want to go down.

And just close your eyes and relax of your pray friends, and making sure you’ve done everything you want to do.

Wake up."

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