Wednesday, 5 July 2017

I say Vote Yourself. But I'm a walking coalition. And 155-161 other bits of #DadDirt

Thoughts, ideas and dreams this week.

Monday 3 July
When my Wife asks me "What do you think?" I never have the courage to say it's a loop of the opening titles from Holiday '74.

Tuesday 4 July
It's the rule breaking that keeps us alive as much as the rule taking.

Wednesday 5 July
In politics, I say "Vote Yourself".
But I'm a walking coalition.

Thursday 6 July
Want to keep your gas and electricity at this year's prices?
Give them a really really high meter reading.

Friday 7 July
I never know if it's "buckle down" or "knuckle down".

Saturday 8 July
When you visit a hospital in England, the first thing you ask the medical staff is "will my parking ticket be okay?"

Sunday 9 July
When you find yourself looking into Sound Bars, that's the sign that you've run out of stuff to buy.

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