Saturday, 15 July 2017

How the Tour De France was covered before live TV - fave things on the web

For anyone else obsessed with broadcasting, think you'll love this story...

I'd always wondered how the Tour De France was covered before the days of live uplinks from motorbikes.

Seems they were covered on radio, tragically from the back of a motorbike, by Alex Virot... less of a Des Lynam and more of a prototype for The Interesting Man In The World™

"The motorbike started to accelerate. Then, about fifty metres in front of me, lost its balance on the gravel and started zigzagging as the driver fought to keep it upright. It hit a barrier, then another, then flew into emptiness. I saw two sets of legs in the air and shoes flying off. Never in my life will I forget it."

Full story here:

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