Sunday, 18 June 2017

Daddy why do women like saying our names out loud? and 141-147 British Dad thoughts #DadDirt

Thoughts I'll deal with this week.

Monday 19 June
I love how stuff from the supermarket says serves 6 to avoid the fat and sugar looking too high.
It serves 2.
When the two are pigs.

Tuesday 20 June
Singing Happy Birthday down the phone to someone does not have the same status as gift or present.

Wednesday 21 June
My personality profile shows, that I am the type of person who is into personality profiles.

Thursday 22 June
I spend way too much time daydreaming where I would wear my smartphone if I were a moped delivery man.

Friday 23 June
"Daddy, why do women like saying our names out loud in front of everyone?"
"I don’t know son, they just do."

Saturday 24 June
Every time a company wants to know my Date Of Birth stupidly raises my already big hopes for next birthday.

Sunday 25 June
Seems life comes down to this simple question.
How can I make a profit from being a Dad.

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