Tuesday, 4 April 2017

We can all learn something from Leroy from FAME #DadDirt

You know that you are a Great British Dad...
...when you teach your kids about the Greats.

The mention of Leroy in a previous post sparked a wave of Leroy love from my friends.

He came into our home with the Top Of The Pops 1982 repeats on BBC Four.

(A couple of weeks of the theme from Fame being at number 1, saw TOTP go to New York to shoot a video of Irene Cara miming while walking on the NY streets. Another 3 weeks of this it must have worn thin for the show. Not us, my girl and I watched this a hundred times. But they then put more clips from the movie into the walking miming video)

Which is where I got to show my 5 year old daughter the magic of Leroy.

Let us not forget that Leroy wasn't actually auditioning himself - he was helping his friend with her audition but got the space at the school instead of her because of his awesome dancing.

He can also perform with his vest pulled over his head.

I tried showing this to my daughter, but it did not go very well.

Now fully aware I'm competing for her attention against the powerfully-built man from 35 years ago.

Also, Leroy is a really great name to shout at Leroy when you're annoyed at Leroy.
You can yell both his names.
Even his surname is a word for manhood.
I wish I'd named my son Leroy now.
But there is only one Leroy.

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