Thursday, 6 April 2017

My son wants a YouTube channel. That’s worse than a pony. Is creating better than spectating? #DadDirt

You know that you are a Great British Dad when...
...your family wants to put your stuff out on the Internet too.

My son wants a YouTube channel.

I want him to have a YouTube channel.

He’s not even into double-digits, so yes, it's yet another thing to fear for his safety.

Dads before me struggled with giving their sons a bike.

It’s the same thing.

Except two billion people can watch you falling over.

Do I give him the super racer with the killer saddle,
or a three-wheeler with stabilisers?

I do this for a living, which means I can mess up at home and work.

He makes videos all the time, even when there is not a camera in the room.

It’s a generation who looks up everything.
My generation just wants to watch everything.

I want to be selfish - thinking that I can get him ahead with subscribers in his life.
Like some pushy Dad trying to monetize him before the channel's even got a name.

But these are the 3 choices I think I have right now:

- Set him up with a channel under my channel
Safe, completely under my guidance, with me editing things on there... but that’ll affect what goes out too.

- Create an anonymous channel.
Without his name on it. It’ll be safe, but his name’s not on it.
If he ends up being proud of it, will he regret that? What’s the point?

- Create a channel, in his name, to grow from scratch.
So it ultimately means something - putting stuff out there generously as “here, I made this.”

Will he be embarrassed at 12 about the things he did 4 years ago?
Or will that be normal, and everyone his age in the same position, and not a “thing”?
Is what he’ll learn better than any of the downsides?

Forward worrying never helps making things today.

What's wrong with me that all I can think of are the bad things and what could go wrong, instead of the upsides and generosity of sharing which he really wants to do.

All I know is that creating is better than spectating.
And getting it wrong is the only way to making it right.

I’ll make sure he’s got the right stabilisers.
And knee pads.
And helmet.

And some goggles.
For that first video that will almost certainly be a slow motion of a toilet being smashed.

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