Monday, 6 March 2017

They're called Loyalty Cards, but I've got 14 of them and 106-112 other Great British Dad worries #BritishDadStuff

Thoughts, ideas, dreams and worries in my head this week.

Monday 6 March
Daddanomics: 3 trips to the furniture store plus 5 years equals 2 runs to the tip.

Tuesday 7 March
I need someone to double-dare... Not cajole.

Wednesday 8 March
I'm an Ideas Farmer.
I want to produce on a mass scale, but I am an Organic Ideas Farmer.
They need a lot of manure to grow.

Thursday 9 March
They're called Loyalty Cards.
I've got 14 of them.
Where's the loyalty?

Friday 10 March
Funny how "It's downhill from here" automatically means getting worse, not getting easier.

Saturday 11 March
When someone takes the conversation to "Get a grip!"
Things are not good.
Really not good.
For them.

Sunday 12 March
Of course it's a little overwhelming.
It's only the rest of your life.

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