Sunday, 5 March 2017

Stealing Yet Another Story From My Daughter For My Website #BritishDadStuff

You know that you are a Great British Dad...
...when you steal yet another story from your daughter to put online.

Onec upon a time there was a lost girl in the forest she had a horse her name was Katie and her horeses name is isbella.

Katie and isbella worked Together. then there was a huge catsle in Front of them they went inside the doors.
there were lots of golden stuff there. Katie said Woah this is so cool.
She said.
they looked down everything.

there were steps there they went up the steps. When they got to the top of the steps. they sore a soft chair. Katie sated on it but then the peopl hwo lived there went back.

When she went in she sore foot steps. it went to the steps. then she went up the steps.

When she got up the steps she sore Katie in her chair.

She said hey thats my chair but Katie said sorry to her. then she said again thats ok, but Why are you here. Katie said

Again because I Was lost in the Woods.
oh said she.

they told each ofors names so Katie said her name.
my name is Katie then the uthor person told her name
my name is nailer.
hello nailer said Katie. hello said Katie said nailer.

and then they werer best friends forever. so they lived in the catsle Together.

The End.

©Great Story Team Ltd. 2017

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