Saturday, 4 March 2017

School of Roars writer Cbeebies

I try to keep a log on this site of the shows I'm working on, so here goes with this one.

Dot to Dot Productions for Cbeebies

Series bible work and episode scripts for the Cbeebies animated comedy series, about Year R (or maybe that's Year Aaagh) of a school for little monsters. Starring Kathy Burke, Andrew Scott and Sarah Lancashire.

Really lovely series to work on because funnily enough, it's not such a leap translating 5 year-olds' lives into spooky events.

Wobbly Tooth (ep 1.7)

Growling up (ep 1.12)

Funny Bones

Moon Day

Time Capsule

The Old Scooter

It's Itchlings

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