Thursday, 16 March 2017

How my daughter sees me as a man. In biro. And it's uncanny in every fault. #DadDirt

You know that you are a Great British Dad when...
...your daughter can not only see but also draw your every fault.

Obviously, I want to set the best physical example to my daughter.

In the years to come, I guess this - what I’ve got - is what she will compare against every man she meets.

So what does she see right now?

How do I come off as her benchmark of happy benevolent manhood?

Well, in Biro, it’s like this:

I look like one of Right Said Fred.
The camper one.
Complete in Gay Anthem pose.
(I blame the musicals we watch together).

It looks like she’s even given me an earring.

Then it hit me, this is how she sees me the most:

I am in my stripey boxer shorts
(with the genetically long slender legs, you’re welcome)

But it’s the detail of the hairy chest set betwixt the generous Man Boobs that get me.

A lot of attention has gone into that.
I won’t embarrass the others, but I came off best in our family portraits.
My thighs don’t meet at the top like Mummy’s.

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