Monday, 27 February 2017

Its at times like this I think, what would the women from the Blurred Lines video do? and other British Dad Thoughts 99-105 #BritishDadStuff

February is way too short.

Here's the things I'll get in my head this week.

Monday 27th February
Found out we left the slow cooker on for a fortnight.
Luckily, my rage picks up right from where it left off.

Tuesday 28th February
Riddled is the most disgusting word in the English Language.
Cancer, bullets, maggots.
I don't know who Riddle is, but feel sorry for him.

Wednesday 1st March
Wife Wisdom: You can tell how cheap a knife is by how many times you cut yourself.

Thursday 2nd March
Chilli. Lasagne. Cottage Pie.
These are all great ways to ruin a Bolognese.

Friday 3rd March
As with all Dads, my favourite moment in Frozen is when Ana shouts "I want you to take me up the North Mountain."

Saturday 4th March
Do Prison Vans have seat belts.
Be awful if they're breaking the law in there.

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