Friday, 17 February 2017

Facebook is as good for us as going down the pub #BritishDadStuff

You know that you are a Great British Dad...
...when you can't call time on the smartphone.

I'm glad I didn't indulge in Facebook today.
You can't have one little drink.
You end up with the same as getting drunk.

Just one more post, one more comment.
Take the edge off the day.
Even at lunchtime during work.

And we're here either getting merry or starting fights.
You know there are grifters, so watch your stuff, it sometimes gets nicked.

And all of it - all of it - is avoiding going home.
Going out on a limb or all the other things that might not work.
And you can reassure yourself, or better, get reassured that this what you do.
Because everyone else is here too.

Just one more.
Then, really, I've gotta get going.

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