Saturday, 14 January 2017

Why women's brains are more powerful. They do 6 times more than men. While getting mad at them. #BritishDadStuff

You know that you are a Great British Dad when... realise just how badly wired are men's brains.


I’m watching YouTube on the laptop.

(on youtube)
“...She’s got 6 other places in the brain where she can listen from.
Women can analyse, and listen.
Women can feel, and listen.
Women can prioritise, and listen.
They can remember, and listen.
They can plan to the future, and listen.
And they can prepare to talk, and listen.

All those things simultaneously.
Men can only do it from one place.

So women often feel “He doesn’t listen” and the truth is, men don’t listen.

In fact, no man ever in history, has ever really heard a woman.
Unless she chooses this technique.

Because what happens when a woman starts talking about problems...
Is instantly the wiring in a man’s brain is different - the amygdala responds to problems. In a man's brain the amygdala is wired up to the "Action Centre". So as soon as she starts talking about problems, he thinks "Must take action. What am I supposed to do? Is this this problem important? Not important? Cancel...

So he’s literally running around his brain, occasionally if there’s strong feeling, he has to relate to the feeling, and then the whole thing stops. Because once he goes to the feeling part of the brain, he can’t think at all, nor can he remember what you’re talking about.

So he’s literally - while you’re talking to him - his brain, he’s running all over the place. If you tell him: “You don’t have to solve anything, fix anything, analyse anything, change in any way, you don’t have to feel bad, guess what’s gonna happen? He will stay located in one part of his brain.

(to myself)
Men's brains are so weak.
Yet no woman's brain remembers this when it's getting angry at us.
Nature's cruel.
I've got tea down myself again.

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