Wednesday, 4 January 2017

We need a Bag For Life for our Bags For Life, and the 64-70 other British Dad Thoughts #BritishDadStuff

It's a new week, a new year, and the Great British Dad thoughts are like a virus.
They do not stop.

Monday 1 January
We need a Bag For Life for our Bags For Life.

Tuesday 2 January
At the children's library, turns out there is a whole world of difference between drop in and drop off.

Wednesday 3 January
I feel more uncomfortable about staring into another man's eyes than getting a massage.
That's why I get my glasses from the pound shop.

Thursday 4 January
My favourite Central London stationery store has blue lights in the toilets to stop drug taking.
But I go there just to get giddy.

Friday 5 January
I don't open any post for a fortnight.
To live like I've just come back from holiday.

Saturday 6 January
To my family, a Dad is only ever in one of two states.
"Aloof and selfish" or "Charging-in and taking over".

Sunday 7 January
What if we are all controlled by a manipulated system, and it does just want the best for us?

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Working through the Bank Holidays when nobody else does, even when they are at work #BRITISHDADSTUFF

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