Sunday, 29 January 2017

Our lawn is permanently brown. Its arsetroturf. And other Great British Dad thoughts 92-98

Thoughts and wonders of a Great British Dad this week.

Monday 30 January
My daughter just coloured in one of our two recent Utility Bills.
She has no idea how far this sets our family back.

Tuesday 31 January
I'm not lazy. I just like weeing sitting down.

Wednesday 1 February
Phone companies call them "landlines" because old man lines is too many words.

Thursday 2 February
Idea: Inscribing a name on a council bench even though they're not dead.

Friday 3 February
The world is cruel. Speed limiters on white vans.

Saturday 4 February
Zero, Oh, Nought, Zip, Zilch...
Why do we have so many words for nothing.

Sunday 5 February
Our lawn is permanently brown. It's arsetroturf.

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