Monday, 9 January 2017

My other skew on A Christmas Carol. Why is it the boss who's got to change? #BRITISHDADSTUFF

You know that you are a Great British Dad...
...when you think a little too hard about the holidays.

What if the reason our Christmas traditions are Victorian... is because it was always just a response to Industrialisation.

We’ve got to standardise our holiday, instead of living like this all year round.

And so, we return to the TV industrial complex.

Having spent what we've earned this year.

To take a break.

From the earning and spending for next year.

What if... there were a reversioning of A Christmas Carol?

But instead of persuading Scrooge the Boss to give his employees a break and a bonus...
it's an employee seeing the error of his (or her) ways - handing it all over to the company while hiding her best stuff.

What if A Christmas Carol were about the employee opting out altogether?

Taking responsibility for being in the system and working for The Man, instead of taking responsibility for what they deep down know that they could be achieving.

It's not about taking a two-week break in Summer, and another 2 weeks in Winter.

It's about lining up her values so that she doesn’t feel the need to be in there.

It's about a final reckoning - where you choose to do something that might not work, instead of something safe that pays the bills (the bills you're racking up trying to be happy while you're handing over your life to the thing that's "safe").

Just realised, maybe that’s why we call it "work".

Avoiding the uplifting things in life that "might not work".

Wait a minute. Is this egg-nog out of date?

Happy new year!

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