Sunday, 6 November 2016

Why The News might be not be completely relevant today, or ever #BRITISHDADSTUFF

You know that you are a Great British Dad when... realise "The News" might be a bigger colossal waste of time than your family.

Because we watch it and do some fretting (which is easy), to avoid spending time hugging our family or helping our friends or making good Art (which is hard).

Here's a few links that might make you smile:

What if the curves were going the other way

(which includes life expectancy...)

(...and the waning of war)

Or this google image search (on newspaper circulation)

Or back to good 'ole Seth, Decoding Pro-wrestling...

It turns out that modern media is a perfect match for the pro-wrestling approach. You can put on a show, with your own media, as often as you like. And that show is, to many, remarkable, and so it spreads...
...You probably work with people who are living in their own pro wrestling universe. These are people who are so in love with their version of reality and their goals that they view the real world as an affront, an intrusion on the way they insist things turn out."

Did "The News" ever report a school trip returning safely?

Or a social worker doing a good job?

Huh, funny that.

Wonder why?

(This says more about my memory, but I tried naming one "news" story from 2012 before the Olympics (rocket launchers on local tower blocks) or the riots.

Could not name one.

It's my flaky mind. I know.

I don't feel bad for one second that I actively don't watch "the news".

'Cos it doesn't watch out for you or me.

It still gets into my eyeline though.

Let's try one more link (at 09:40) about what's risky and vulnerable.

Maybe parking that satellite truck at that "urgent event" between 6 other satellite trucks, or publishing that article with the same information as 3645 other articles is neither risky or vulnerable.

I really truly need to see your Art.

We all do, more than ever.

Leave me a link to it below.

Unless you want to get back to being a spectator watching the news.

Either way, thanks!

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