Monday, 21 November 2016

Save Our NHS Nurses car parking spaces, we can make money from this too #BRITISHDADSTUFF

You know that you are a Great British Dad when... companies in this country, you too can see a money-making opportunity to rinse the NHS.

I got financially frustrated on someone else's behalf today (see also... every post I ever write), when I found out that Nurses at our local hospital have to pay for car parking tickets out of their own pockets, to a Car Park Company, run for profit.

They are reimbursed from money from our healthcare trust.
(instead of doing nursing).

And the money doesn't get back to them quickly after they've done the paperwork (instead of doing nursing).

And if the parking machine is broken (which apparently is often), they then have to call to pay for parking over the Hospital Trust phone.
(instead of doing nursing)
Which sometimes takes 20 minutes on hold
(instead of doing nursing).

And if they fail to do this (like last week) they get a parking fine of £90, which of course they have to pay themselves
(instead of doing nursing).

Here's the thing.

I wish I were as professional as those Nurses, but I cannot find a way to make this funny.

There must be jokes in here somewhere.

This system: there has to be some fun to be had with the tension here.

The nurses are taking blood, while the Car Park Company is taking the pi$$?

It's got to be bigger than that though.

What if the Nurses were to do their work more quickly, to avoid the car park charges?

What if they did their work IN the car park, so they can move on (fine free) when the Car Park Company warden comes along?

What if they gave some extra free nursing to the Car Park Company warden in return for their parking space?

What if the Hospital Trust sues the Car Park Company for raising the blood pressures of every patient, visitor & staff - throwing their readings?

What if we left a sample on our windscreen, so the Nurses could check us like the Car Park Company does?

Unlike our Nurses, none of these get to the bottom of it.

Which is why we have offered our space in front of our house to Nurses at the hospital to park any time.

After a couple of months, we'll work out a ticketing system to rinse our Hospital Trust of cash better than the National Car Park Company.

We're gonna steal their customer base. And with only 2 spaces to maintain (3, because Nurses' cars tend not to be huge, for some reason) - we're gonna run it more profitably too.

The NHS is meant to be free at the point of delivery. We're going to make it free at the point of supply.

We'll probably make them a cup of tea while we're making them wait to pay though.
(Or try and get some more wonderful healthcare off them for free).

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