Monday, 7 November 2016

My new bright pink phone case #BritishDadStuff

(Out of shot, you can't see that I'm holding my little pinkie in the air too. On Amazon, this is confusingly listed as a rugged pink phone case...)

You know that you are a Great British Dad when... try to look at your phone a little less, by making it as unmanly as a nine pound lunch.

I got myself a new phone case.

And I chose pink.

My kids ask me if it's Mummy's phone and even my Brother-In-Law asked kindly what had happened to my - (my)- phone.

The other one.

The other one that isn't pink.

It was for two reasons, which look like they are opposites.

1. I want to find it more easily.
Believe me, a bright pink phone is easy to find.
Except when it might be Mummy's.

(They never show you in the Thomas Crown Affair, Thomas yelling up the stairs to Renee Rousseau if she's seen his mobile... No it's not in the Aston Martin... could she give it a ring?)

2. The other reason is that I want to look at it less.
And even though it's a happy colour, believe me, I notice much more when I am looking at it.

So I notice it more, and I've emasculated it.
(Or did I just make it more phallic.)

I don't think I'm looking at it any less.

Maybe I should make all the apps and text pink too.

And give it a squirt of perfume.

Like my kids need a reason to like it even less.

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