Tuesday, 8 November 2016

I’m donating my wrist to an even better cause. Here’s how to stop complaining. #BritishDadStuff

You know that you are a Great British Dad when...
...you want to stop complaining about the world complaining.

I am donating my wrist for a good cause (“again”, I hear you say. Funny.)

I read this thing today about complaining: turns out it’s not good for us.

There’s an organisation that sells wristbands.

If you complain without saying the next steps to fix the problem, then you have to change it over to the other wrist.

eg “I had to stand behind a rude jerk in the post office for 30 mins.”
should be:
“I had to stand behind a rude jerk in the post office for 30 mins. Next time I’ll get there before the lunchtime queue round the block.”

The bit I don’t get is moving the wristband between wrists.

I want to have it on my good side (the other one from my watch) to encourage me to be more positive.

I do not want to have to check the time, and my level of complaining.

But here’s the thing, after Sunday wearing my Poppy bracelet will be frowned upon.

Turns out our fallen brave did not give their lives for the right to remember them after November 13.

But I’m not complaining about this, I’ve got a fix.

I need to find something else and this is a chance for putting my wrist up for debate (again, I hear you say. Funny.)

But I’m serious.

I am donating my wrist for a Good Cause.

I’ll take all suggestions for a wristband.

If it helps here is the list of wrist ornaments I have ruled out:

- Lance Armstrong’s charity wrist band.

- Help For Heroes bands
(which I support, but everyone round here has got one from actually serving in the military, and I want to avoid elevating myself to that status. And I think it needs to be different to help remind me to stop complaining).

- Anything that David Essex would have worn.

- The local swimming pool entry band.

- A lost child phone number band.

- Or another, broken, watch.

So over to you. Thanks for any suggestions below.

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