Saturday, 12 November 2016

I cant listen to music without hearing filth and 29-35 great #BRITISHDADSTUFF thoughts

As we hurtle towards the Christmas break at the speed of poor Rudolph's red orchestras, these are my Great British Dad thoughts for the upcoming week.

Sunday 13 November
I can't listen to any music on the radio now without hearing utter filth in the lyrics.

Monday 14 November
That sinking moment when you thank a call-centre worker, but then they send you a survey to rate their work.

Tuesday 15 November
The News never ever reports when a school trip goes well.

Wednesday 16 November
I find my opinion of opinion pollsters changes on whether or not they want me to do their work for free.

Thursday 17 November
Teaching my son how to hold a tennis racket. So far he's learned the intro to Smoke On The Water.

Friday 18 November
Why is it a whole host of things. I am not a whole host kind of guy. I want to try a half-host of things.

Saturday 19 November
Cupboards were for storing cups. Now they're for surfaces storing mixers, slow-cookers, toasters, juicers, bread bins and tea jars.

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  1. "You've got to... push the button and let me know."

  2. "Torn between two lovers... Feelin' like a fool..."

  3. "Come together, right now, over me."

  4. "98 to 99 FM... BBC, Radio Two..."


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