Thursday, 3 November 2016

Cracking my wife's regular nightmare. It's me, it's always me. #BRITISHDADSTUFF

You know that you are a Great British Dad...
...when you share intimate thoughts and dreams with your other half.

My LSW (long-suffering wife) has this nightmare that she wakes up, and the house is now turned sideways.

The windows at the front and back of our home are bricked up - jammed against our neighbours' walls.
Rotated 90 degrees, you can't get out.
The front door opens into a wall, like now she's permanently bricked in.

That's the cheery night stuff that comes from living with me.

I'm glad she shared it, but I probably shouldn't have pushed her on whether the utilities are still connected, or how the gas and water rotated too, and did it need extra pipework to reach their new position and where did the piping come from.

And now I'm thinking how great is that... all that building work happened in under a day and for free.

That's the key to a good night's sleep.

The structural detail.

Turns out her dream didn't get successful planning or buildings control either.

I'm a wife-mare.

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  1. I was going tp use a picture of our book of dreams, but the window one seems better...


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