Saturday, 19 November 2016

A cook in the kitchen lover and a weathergirl in the garden and 36-42 other great #BRITISHDADSTUFF thoughts

I think too much. That's what my family tells me.
Oh wait, no, that's right, it's "you're completely thoughtless".
But that is not true.
Here are all the thoughts I will be having for the coming week.

Sunday 20 November
Men want a cook in the kitchen, a lover in the bedroom, and a weathergirl in the garden.

Monday 21 November
There is no swearword harsh enough in any man's new home for the previous man's D.I.Y.

Tuesday 22 November
All rows with men rely on a triangle of heat, fuel, and oxygen.

Wednesday 23 November
We all hate the cashiers who can't take extra change after they've rung it up on the till.

Thursday 24 November
Sports days and school plays are shot in portrait mode to annoy Dads for not being there.

Friday 25 November
I've invented TEDtalk dinners. They're like TV dinners, but they last exactly ten minutes.

Saturday 26 November
When will we cross the road on the green woman?

I keep a whole year's worth of 365 Great British Dad Thoughts right here.

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